soft donegal tweed


SOFT DONEGAL TWEED is the geniuine Donegal with the softest handle and a colorful character reminiscent of the traditional homespun Irish Donegal. Combining beautiful flecks of colour with weightless volume, this merino wool yarn lends itself perfectly to cabling and other stitch structures. It works both for machine and hand knitting.

We purchase this yarn on a cone, which is soaked with wax during production. You can evaluate the softness of the wool only after good washing. When your garment is ready, we recommend you to wash it 2-3 times with a lot of wool soap. The texture of cloth will change significantly, it will become softer and more dense. The shade of the wool will also change after washing, it will become a bit brighter.

Always knit a swatch and wash it before you start working on your project! 

Hand wash max. 30 ° C / Good for felting


Composition: 100% pure merinowool  |   Ball Weight: 100g  |   Yarn Lenght: 380 m




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