BAMBOO WOOL great, soft and warm yarn. When you want something warmer than cotton, but cooler than wool, knitting yarns made from wool and plant fibres are perfect solution. The Danish yarn manufacturer, having already had wool and in it's collection for several years, takes another steo to introducing a perfect combination of wool and bamboo. Bamboo Wool knitting yarns are quite resonably presented as socks-sweater yarns. Due to the standard "sock gauge" 50g/200m and 15% nylon, they are strong enough and perfect for knitting socks. However, the soft, gentle wool and freshness of bamboo make then a good choice for sweaters, shawls, vests or other knitwear. The threads have a beautiful natural sheen of bamboo fiber. We would consider Bamboo Wool yarns to be soft enough to be suitable for people who are more sensitive to wool. This yans also fits perfect for children socks, sweaters, vests, baby blankets and other handicrafts where soft and pleasant to touch yarn is needed.

You need about 7-8 balls for M size woman sweater.

Machine washable 30 ° C


Composition: 55% wool superwash, 30% bamboo, 15% nylon   |   Ball Weight: 50 g     |     Yarn Lenght: ca. 200 m



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